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5 Web Design Secrets That Can Help You Boost Your Website Traffic

With changing times, the perceptions about websites too have changed. Years ago, it was believed that having a website was enough to bring in a lot of recognition and business for the site owners. But now-a-days, the success of a website is largely dependent on multiple factors. Since, technology has evolved over the years; speed and performance have become two key factors deciding the success or failure of a website.

So, for a website to attain a good ranking on organic search results and get a generous pie of the web traffic, its design has to be compatible with almost all modern web browsers and digital devices. This ensures free flow of website traffic through different web channels across all popular search engines ultimately yielding positive results for the businesses. But the big question here is if there are any silver bullets to boost the traffic through web design. The answer is yes! There are a few insider tips and secrets that can help you boost your website traffic. So, without further ado, let’s explore 5 such web design secrets.

  1. Responsive Design Can Help You Win the Rat Race reveals that around 80% users access the Internet and different sites through their smartphone devices. Quite naturally, it is essential for businesses to ensure that their websites are cross compatible across different platforms and devices such as smartphones, mobiles and tablets without falling off on the parameters of gridlines and rules. But how can your website ensure optimum viewing across all platforms? Simple, by opting for responsive web designs.

In fact, Kissmetrics reveals in one of its write-ups that mobile Internet is soon likely to outcast the use of personal computers! This statement certainly doesn’t seem hyperbolic as more and more people now use their smartphones and tablets for accessing the Internet. This clearly highlights the relevance of responsive web design in today’s world.

However, it’s not so easy to establish and maintain an effective responsive web design and you need to pay close attention to the key elements within each page. If you already have an eye for website designing, and you have time on your hands, then go for it. However, if you don’t have the time, talent or inclination for web design work, it may be better if you hire a professional instead. Not a fan of the huge fees? No worries. Try crowdsourcing your needs. For example, responsive web designs by Designhill allow you to have one single setup that is flexible and compatible with all devices – irrespective of the screen size and device type.

  1.   Measures That Can Help You Speed Up Your Website

If you really wish to boost the traffic of your website, then you need to work around three major principles:

  • Reduce the amount of server page building time

If you’re a PHP based CMS (Joomla, WordPress or Drupal) user, install Alternative PHP Cache (APC) on the web-server. This will help you speed up the actual PHP processing going on behind the curtains. However, you’ll still need a top quality hosting server to accomplish this as it is not supported by many hosting servers.

You also need to streamline your website for lesser database queries so that the amount of processing is reduced considerably. Caching greatly reduces server processing requests and queries. Therefore, it is smart to utilize caching in any form to speed up your website and enhance the traffic.

  • Reduce the amount of data to be sent from the server to the browser

A number of techniques can be implemented to reduce the amount of data to be transferred from the server to the browser:

  • Optimization of images without compromising on quality.
  • Reducing the number of images.
  • Focusing on compressions and zipped transfers.

Focus on simplification of Document Object Model (DOM)

Often, websites built through design tools tend to contain more HTML element than what’s required. Do you know that every HTML element adds up to the size of your DOM? The larger the DOM, the more is the time taken by the browser for processing those elements.

So, why not simplify the structure of your website by removing the HTML elements that aren’t required? This effectively speeds up you web page rendering time thereby improving your visitors browsing experience, which eventually helps you grow your web traffic.

  1. Replace Images with Text to Boost Your Traffic Manifolds

Are you using images to display your website title and other information? If you’re nodding your head in yes, then you would need to immediately change this approach. Remember, images are usually heavy to load and consume a lot of your server time. So, try doing away with them unless images are extremely necessary. Moreover, images hide important SEO information from search engine robots effectively lowering down your web page ranking.

So, if you wish to experience improvements in your site’s SERPs then try converting your text images to header text that contain relevant SEO phrases and keywords. Since heading tags are better placed with SEO, the ranking of your site automatically improves and the traffic to site automatically increases.

  1. CSS3 Background Gradients Is Better Than Background Images

If you are still stuck up with background images, then you are bound to experience a slump in your web traffic. As discussed in the earlier points, images consume a lot of your bandwidth and server time. So, do well to replace your background images with lightweight and attractive CSS3 gradients. If you aren’t too comfortable doing it on your own, use one of the many tools available on the Internet such as Ultimate CSS Gradient Generator to create a cross-platform CSS through a simple GUI. With Ultimate CSS Gradient Generator, all you would need to do is copy and paste the generated CSS code in your website style sheets and there you are, ready to take off.

  1. HTML5 and CSS3 Transitions Effectively Take Over JavaScript Functionality

Since the inception of HTML 5 and CSS3, many JS functions are now considered obsolete. Functionalities such as word wrap, menu drop down and front page slider are now easily implementable through CSS3. So, the golden rule here is to first check whether your page functionality can easily be achieved through CSS and HTML5, and then use a JS query accordingly. Do you know that some really super lightweight and superfast web sites are built using CSS3? Yes, it’s true! So, if you’ve long been planning to make your site come alive with huge web traffic, turn to CSS3!

Remember, customers essentially demand speed and performance from your site. Thanks to the Internet, the crossbar of expectations has been set by the average consumer whether they know it or not. So, if they do not get speed and performance that they expect and demand from you, they are simply going to go elsewhere decreasing your web traffic. Therefore, being heedful towards these essential web design secrets should be at the top of your list of priorities.

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Arthesh Gobari is a graphic designer working with He has published several articles, blogs and columns on topics related to graphic design, social media, startups, SEO techniques and e-commerce. Follow me on Twitter

admin5 Web Design Secrets That Can Help You Boost Your Website Traffic
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10 Methods Of Increasing Twitter Traffic

Are you struggling to direct loads of traffic to your twitter account? We all want more engagements, followers and traffic yet most of us don’t know how to go about it. The following 10 methods of increasing twitter traffic will bring you success in just a matter of days.

1. Get visual
Long gone are the days when twitter used to be a text-only platform. Twitter is now featuring visual contents more prominently, and accompanying your content with images is now more important than ever.
Stunning images will help your updates stand out among all other tweets in your followers’ twitter streams. Multiple researches shows that tweets accompanied with image links get double traffic as compared to those without. When tweeting, upload an image and attach it to the tweet through pressing the camera button on your phone or desktop.

2. Target power tweeters
Targeting widely known and well respected figures in your industry is another great way of increasing your twitter traffic. Winning the attention of such individuals and developing a strong relationship with them will make many people become aware of your profile; and if they like what you are posting, and see you communicating with people they follow, they will just follow you.

3. Ensure you tweet during peak hours
Multiple studies show that twitter activities increase between 10.00am and 16.00pm. Tweeting between these hours gives greater visibility to your feed. It is important to note that people using twittersphere are more active between 1 and 2pm.

4. Follow other people on twitter
Following other people will make them follow you in return, something that will increase your traffic. Following people in your industry is a way of telling them you exist and provides you with a platform to be heard. It increases your exposure

5. Be a great resource on twitter
If you want to get more traffic and ensure people continue following you, make it very impossible for them to leave through providing them with interesting, high quality updates. This can be through giving a thoughtful opinion on a great discussion or linking out to a great, informative article.

6. Follow people with similar interests
Following people with similar interests makes them know you are online and can also initiate conversation. If you begin communicating with people with a wide following, their followers will start following you and your traffic will increase.

7. Advertise your twitter account
Put links to your account everywhere. Link it on your email signature, facebook fan page, blog and everywhere you have some presence online. By so doing, many people will become aware of your presence on twitter and will follow the links to your account. The result is increased traffic.

8. Utilize the twitter #hash tags
People search twitter using categories. For instance, if you are tweeting about “parenting advice”, use the hashtag “#parentingadvice”. Twitscoop can provide you with trending hash tags.

9. Avoid automation
Automating too much will make people unfollow you quickly. New potential followers checking your account and see automated material only will be less likely to follow you. This will be very detrimental to your traffic.

10.Buy influence
Organic sharing of your tweets may not be enough to drive traffic to your site especially when you don’t have a large following. You should therefore consider paying to increase the visibility of your tweets through promoted tweets products. Such products include the twitter’s ad platform and the analytic platform.

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5 Facebook advertising hacks to expand your audience

Running a Facebook ad campaign is an excellent way to increase the level of traffic that your site gets. Before you launch this marketing campaign, you need to ensure that you understand what you want to achieve. Much of the time, people rush blindly into a campaign of this nature. If you want to see a high ROI, you need to make sure that you plan your ads. Mass marketing is not the best way to go about things. Instead, you need to ensure that you have a clear and concise plan that works.

  1. Use a conversational tone in ads

When people are online, your aim is to encourage them to click on your advert. That in itself is easier said than done. If you usually use formal business language, you need to change your tone. You should engage people online. The use of rhetorical questions may help and so might using colloquial words. When people scroll down Facebook, they see conversations, not ads. You want to be a part of a conversation. That way, people will want to learn more about your business.

  1. Target the right demographic

When you first launch your campaign, you will have the opportunity to choose a demographic to target. Again, this is an aspect of your marketing that you must never rush. You can optimize your Facebook ad settings so that you reach out to a particular audience. Once the campaign is live, you need to check to see whether this aspect works. You can look at the ‘reports’ section of your data and see who is engaging with each post.

  1. Continually check your reports

While we are on the subject of reports, you should always check them on a regular basis. You need to know which parts of your campaign work. There is no point paying for things that don’t give you a high return, and so you need to take an interest in the entire campaign. Understanding the data is easier than you might imagine it would be. Of course, you need to pay close attention to the ‘click through rate’. This rate will tell you which ads are driving traffic to your site. This stat is important if you hope to gain new customers and boost your sales.

  1. Use popular fonts to optimize ads

You might not think that the font you choose is important, but it is. There are certain trends in typefaces, which means that people have an affinity with particular fonts. Online Sans-serif fonts tend to be more attractive than Serif fonts. That is because they have a high level of legibility. You should ensure that you choose a font that is appealing to your audience.

  1. Calculate your total reach

Before you launch a campaign, you ought to calculate how many people it will reach. There are specific tools and calculators you can use, which will help you with this aspect of your marketing. If you know who you want to reach out to, you can begin to tailor your ads accordingly.
Now that you know these useful hacks, it is time to put them to the test. Getting the most out of a Facebook campaign should always be your top priority.

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How to create a viral hashtag on Twitter and use it to generate traffic

As you know, the power of Twitter can be great. If you want to grab loads of attention for your brand or site, this media platform is the best place to start. You may have already noticed that certain hashtags trend on the platform, and so get loads of media exposure. If you want to tap into that attention, you need to create a viral tag for your company. You should know that it is not going to be easy. There is no secret trick that will ensure that your tag gains popularity. Having said that, if you follow this advice, you will have the best possible chance of creating a viral campaign.

Step 1: Research your market

The first thing you need to do is start researching. You should make sure that you capture the zeitgeist of the moment. The more you know about the system, the easier it will be to understand. Spend a few days assessing which hashtags work on Twitter. You can see both the national and local trends if you look at the lefthand sidebar on your Twitter page. Funny, heartwarming and entertaining hashtags always get attention.

Step 2: Choose an apt hashtag

Next, you need to choose the wording of your hashtag. Keep things short and simple. You might want to use a time or day in the tag itself. For example, if you are a marketing company, you could use something like #MarketingMonday as a hashtag. ‘Marketing’ is one of the words that people search on Twitter, and so they should find your tag. When people see it, they will start to use it themselves too. That could help you, in the long run.

Step 3: Check it doesn’t exist

The next thing you need to do is ensure that your hashtag doesn’t already exist. Obviously, there is no point creating a campaign that is already live! Remember, if you have thought of a certain hashtag, there is a chance that someone else has too. Before you decide to launch your campaign, you should search for it online and see what you can find. That way, you can avoid making a stupid mistake.

Step 4: Promote the hashtag

Once you have created the hashtag, you need to start promoting it. Not only should you use it on your company account, but you also need to make sure that other people use it too. You can start by getting your employees to use the hashtag, but you want your reach to be wider than that. Promote it across your media platforms – on your literature and online. That way, people will start to associate you with the tag.

Step 5: Link it to imagery

If you want people to get involved in your campaign, you have to give them a reason to do so. You could ask users to post pictures with the hashtag as part of a competition. There is nothing more popular online than imagery, and so you need to use it to your best advantage. Once external users start using the hashtag, you can be sure that it will take off!

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8 Ways to Find Creative Ideas for Your Blog Posts

Content creation is one of the most important aspects of generating more traffic on your website. A lot of bloggers find it difficult to create fresh and relevant content on a regular basis. However, it is not very hard to write for your blog. The hard part is to look for creative ideas for blog posts. In this post, we have discussed 8 effective ways to find creative ideas for your blog posts.

Previous Blog Posts

Your own blog posts can provide you with some ideas. You must have written some content for your blog in the past. It’s likely that you left a few things out the last time. You can use this information to create a new blog post. Past posts can provide you with a fresh perspective about your blog.

Other People’s Work 

It is easy and convenient to take inspiration from other people’s work. However, inspiration doesn’t mean you should copy things from other people’s blogs. While reading someone’s post, you can get fresh ideas completely unrelated to your new post. You can also perform your own additional research.

Revive Old Posts 

Another good idea is to revive your old posts. You can update some posts on your blog with fresh and latest content. Rejuvenating your old stories can allow new visitors to read something informative and useful. It’s worth mentioning that some subjects never get old, and you can always use them to attract more readers with new information.

Complete Round Up 

It’s obvious that you search a lot of information on the Internet, and go through numerous posts on various subjects. Even though you might not find some posts to be useful, you will definitely find some posts relevant to your blog. While looking for information, you should do a complete round-up of some subjects to stimulate your creativity and imagination.

Personal Experience 

Every person’s life has something interesting or extraordinary. If you have a story to share with your readers, you can use it to your advantage. Personal experience is the best way to connect with your readers, and make sure you come up with something creative.

Go Through Printed Publications 

Even though traditional printing media is losing its hold in the market, it’s still the most effective medium to gather trustworthy information. In most cases, experienced writers work on traditional print media. For intellectual news or creative information, printed publications are the place to go.

Visit Informative Websites 

There are a lot of informative websites providing information on every subject. It’s important to look for informative websites relevant to your business or industry. You should only look for websites providing credible and authentic data.

Rely on Your Readers 

Last but not the least, your readers are the best source of information. You should regularly ask for their feedback, and learn more about their interests. You should openly ask them what they would like to see on your blog. When your audience tells you what they want to see on your blog, and you publish the same kind of content, it surely gets your blog more readers.

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5 Reasons Your Current SEO Strategies Are Not Working

There are several SEO strategies people use to make the best out of their websites and blogs. It is, however, absurd to believe that an effective SEO strategy involves the use of keywords only. SEO is complicated and success requires the use of thoughtful and multifaceted approaches that cover all tech-heavy aspects of a website, as well as, content marketing.

Successful SEO strategies should outline your basic plans, goals, and profile of target audience among other components. If you fail to address all these parameters, your online activities are bound to fail. The following are other reasons why your SEO strategies may not yield any positive outcomes.

  1. You are Still Stuck with Outdated Tactics

SEO is dynamic and best practices keep changing every day. Google and other prominent search engines update their algorithms regularly. It, therefore, requires you to stay up-to-date with the latest trends or else your pages receive poor rankings. Just recently, Google announced the need to create responsive websites that cater for mobile devices. Failing to observe such a regulation can fail all other SEO strategies you employ.

  1. Keyword Focus is Narrow

It is very important that you evaluate the keywords you are targeting. Your competence in choosing phrases can be poor and may end choosing phrases that are narrow in the target area. In addition, you can choose keywords that are rarely or never searched by your target audience.

If you want to receive top ranking, ensure the keywords you intend to use have a search volume consistent with your site’s goals. Consult widely to ensure the terms you use will reach a wider audience.

  1. Building the Wrong Links

Building links is vital, but be aware that links from every other site will not increase traffic to your site. Pay attention to what the anchor text says and avoid using vague ones, or else, you will be hit with a penalty.

You should also note that building links from trusted websites improves you rankings, drives referral traffic, and increases your visibility in other important sites. Your SEO strategies may not be working because you are only drawing links from friends’ websites which are inferior.

  1. You are Ignoring Social Media

It would be appropriate to consider you as ignorant if you do not incorporate social media in your SEO campaigns. The weight accorded to social shares in Google ranking algorithms increases every day.

It means that you are completely out of the game if you do not invest in social media sites. It would be right to say that you are ignoring customers. There is need to invest heavily in social media so that customers can get to talk about your brand all over the social sphere.

  1. You are Impatient

Patience is a virtue, and SEO calls for extra patience before your efforts pay. You expectations for immediate positive SEO results are unrealistic because you can even stay for months without seeing improvements. Never give up hope, but instead capitalize on improving all the above mentioned mistakes. Since it is hard to predict when SEO activities pay off and you should, therefore, keep glued to the best practices and you will one day get a smile.

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5 ways to market your website on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the most powerful social network sites for marketing and growing your website. Through it, you get a chance to interact with various professional with whom you can share related ideas as they help you spread your message. It is typically a big social networking site where you can generate fruitful connections with your target groups.

There are 5 ways to market your website on LinkedIn. You can use LinkedIn groups to receive new leads each day, but you need to create a group first to facilitate the generation of a large number of leads from skillful decision makers. You should then find an effective way of maximizing your group like by using meaningful keywords when describing it to boost your search ranking on the search section.

The second way to market your site is by asking questions relevant to your website and building your credibility. Asking questions through LinkedIn answers could be a reasonable way to receive the responses you need from top experts around the world. You can market your site by finding the best ways to tie in personal responses with specific aspects from their profiles, while remaining helpful and resourceful, as well as giving tips and your link alongside the additional information about your website.

You can also create powerful events as a way of building connections through the LinkedIn event platform. The platform allows users to target freely as many professional as possible. You can include the link of your site when posting the events to allow all people viewing the events access the link and probably spread the message on your behalf.

Another way is to run an advanced search within your target market as a way of generating extra leads. The advanced search facilitates the marketing of your link because you get in touch with your target group. Initiating the advanced search would enable the establishment of a perfect lead making you focus on the most useful audience for your site information.

The fifth way of marketing your site on LinkedIn is by sending personal messages. This method is only effective after establishing a good number of leads. You can connect with people on various personal levels to give yourself a good chance of marketing your site link and information.

Generally, you can use one or more of the 5 ways to market your website on LinkedIn with outstanding success. Once you follow all the tips, you will understand why LinkedIn stands out over other social networking sites a perfect avenue for marketing you website. Other than making connections with various professionals, you can get more advice on how you can make you website outstanding.

All your effort to market your site may fail if the website contains meaningless information or its content has no meaning to any member of your target market. You should, therefore, ensure that your site is worth the marketing effort because a meaningless site may generate negative comments. Since such negative comments are likely to degrade the value of your site, you should ensure your website is valuable before employing your marketing efforts.

admin5 ways to market your website on LinkedIn
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7 Online Business Ideas for Budding Entrepreneurs

The internet is a great place to start your own business. However, many budding entrepreneurs can get overwhelmed in regards to what type of business is it that they should start. It is precisely to solve this problem that we have compiled a list of 7 online business ideas that have proven to be successful time and time again:

  1. An E-commerce Store

Consumers are now more than ever looking forward to buying their products and services from an online retailer. People just don’t have time to go to a physical store, hence, buying from an online store is more convenient. All you have to do is set up a user-friendly website and advertise it online, through Google ads or social media. Don’t forget to offer different payment options to your customers to make the purchasing process an enjoyable one.

  1. Flipping Websites

Just as there is a real estate market, there is also a website market. That being said, all you have to do is buy a website, improve its features and website traffic, and later sell it at a higher price. While it is easier said than done, with the right approach, this can be a business that can land you an attractive income each month.

  1. Affiliate Marketing

This is one of the most popular businesses in the online scenario because it provides the entrepreneur with huge profits. Basically, with affiliate marketing what you have to do is to set up one or more websites that promote a certain product or products and provide a link to the actual store. Acting as the “middle man” has allowed many people to enjoy from 6-digit incomes using this type of business.

  1. Blogging

Blogging isn’t only about fun, it can be about money as well. If you are considering blogging as your online business, have in mind that you need a domain, hosting, and a niche. You can earn money with Google adsense, selling banner ads in your blog, and even doing some affiliated marketing to sell products from third party providers. A good blog will land you a monthly stream of income. Many blogs such have sold for millions of dollars.

  1. Dropshipping

Dropshipping refers to the business of selling an item and then buying it from another source to be shipped to your customers. There are many people who dropship on Ebay. They list many items that are sold in Chinese online stores such as buyincoins, or focalprice and if someone buys them, they buy it from those Chinese companies to be delivered directly to the client.

  1. Social Media Profile Management

Even traditional businesses are now online businesses. Millions of businesses in the world need someone who will update their social media profiles to keep their customers engaged. You can benefit from this need by offering this service.

  1. Design and Sell Apps

Apps are very large market. Even if you don’t know anything about systems or coding languages, you can hire someone to make apps and then sell them at a set price. Depending on the app and the services you provide, you can also charge a monthly fee for increased earnings. If you want to do them yourself, you can take a course on CodeAcademy.

Before you jump in into setting your online business, always remember to educate yourself in the field you are about to enter. This will increase your chances of success many times over.

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6 Ways Facebook has Changed the Way People See Brands

While the term ‘brand’ originally meant burning a producer’s mark into their product, the modern use of branding, a term, design, or feature that distinguishes one product from another, has been an effective tool in business for many decades. Since the advent of the internet, Facebook has been influential altering the course of business branding. Here are 6 ways Facebook has changed the way people see brands.

#1 Branded Facebook Page
When you have a Facebook page for your business, your page is automatically branded. Your company name and logo are right there in your cover photo and you can also use your logo in your profile picture. Every person who visits your Facebook page will automatically see your brand, but in a social context that makes it less formal and more personal.

#2 Brand Personality
Brand personality has been around for a long time, but Facebook has changed how that personality is expressed. You can display your brand personality via engaging your fans by:
Asking them to comment or like something
Having your fans fill in the blanks to finish a post
Making use of current events and trends
Making use of memes
Putting your employees up there for everyone to see
Letting your fans create your content
Ensuring your content is valuable and relevant

#3 Brand Ambassadors
You can make use of your biggest fans by having them become brand ambassadors. You want people who are dedicated to your Facebook page and brand, have a large social circle, and have great communication skills. You can connect with and hire these people to help promote your brand within their social circles and beyond.

#4 Visual Branding
A picture is worth a thousand words. Using the visual to promote your brand simply means that you can reach out to your Facebook fans with visually engaging posts that make use of images. It’s also useful because posts with images are ranked higher than plain text posts by Facebook. Make sure the images are the full 800×600 pixels.

#5 Use Links to Connect with Brand
By using links in your posts, you make the posts more attractive and your fans associate your brand with the links you provide. This helps create your brand’s identity in the eyes of your fans. You can use to track the clicks on the links you provide, allowing you to determine the most popular types of links.

#6 Adjust Brand Posts
Your brand is associated with every post on your Facebook page and you want those posts to be popular and hit home with your fans. Facebook has its Insights feature, which offers statistics and information on how fans are engaging with your posts. You can determine which types of posts are working the best to form a concept of your brand in the eyes of your fans and tailor your posts to promote the desired brand image.

Facebook is a tool like no other when it comes to creating and promoting your brand. It is helping people see brands in a whole new way, in a social context that takes away the feel of marketing and makes it more personal.

admin6 Ways Facebook has Changed the Way People See Brands
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8 SEO practices to keep you on top in 2015

This year has already seen a few epic changes in the world of SEO. If you are an independent marketer or part of a team, you have to make sure that you are up to date with the changes and how they affect your site. The more you learn about this aspect of the business, the easier you will find things. So, what can you do to make sure that you get ahead in 2015?

  1. Understand the importance of social media

There is now a larger emphasis on social media and other platforms. You ought to ensure that you optimize your site when you write content. These days, the search engines assess your media activity as well as your base content. If you keep this fact in mind, you will find that it improves your SEO.

  1. Quality content always pays off

If there is one thing you need to remember about SEO, it is that content is the key to your success. If you want to rank highly, you need to make sure that the content you write is interesting, well-researched and true. If you write quality copy, much of the optimization will work without you trying too hard.

  1. Focus on mobile-friendly SEO techniques

Both Google and Bing have changed the way that they process mobile-friendly searches. Their latest algorithms take into consideration how your site appears on a mobile platform. You should ensure that the user experience level is high. That way, the search engines will reward your efforts.

  1. Keywords are becoming less important

For a long time, keyword optimization was the best way to boost your ranking. Now, things are changing. While keywords are still relevant, you need to make sure that you don’t overdo it. Focus on quality, rather than sneaking in loads of pointless keywords.

  1. Stick with an old domain name

The older your domain name is, the higher your rank will be. Google rewards sites that it trusts. The longer your domain name has been around, the better it will be. If you are thinking of relaunching your site, don’t mess with your domain name.

  1. Integrate visual elements into copy

Most people think that SEO is all about the text. In reality, you need to integrate multimedia aspects to your site if you want to get ahead. Ensure that your imagery is relevant and use tags to optimize it. That way, you will boost your SEO in no time.

  1. Ensure that your site is always secure

If people can pay via your site, you need to make sure that the system is secure. In recent months, search engines have begun to check how safe your site is. If your payment system lets you down, your SEO will suffer.

  1. Use conversational language

There has been a shift in the way in which the search engines assess text. You should try to engage your audience when you write articles, blog posts or even informative text. Use a friendly and conversational tone, and you will see a massive improvement.
You should continually change your SEO practices. As this integral area expands and changes, so must you. Use these eight practices to ensure that you are ahead of the game.

admin8 SEO practices to keep you on top in 2015
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